(Archive photo) Pope Francis meets with young people of the Italian Catholic Action in the Vatican, December 2019 (Archive photo) Pope Francis meets with young people of the Italian Catholic Action in the Vatican, December 2019 

Pope to Catholic Action youth: Take on the style of Jesus

Pope Francis meets with youth from the Italian Catholic Action and asks that they embrace their uniqueness, as Jesus embraces theirs.

By Francesca Merlo

Addressing young people from Italian Catholic Action, Pope Francis greeted all those accompanying them on this meeting, describing each member as being "generously committed to your religious formation, dedicating their time and resources to the Association". 

Catholic Action

Catholic Action is an association of Catholics that strives to uphold and defend Christian values inspired by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The organisation aims to provide a network of resources and activities for clergy and laity to inspire them to reach out to others in an active way to defend these values.


Pope Francis noted that their journey, this year, is expressed by the slogan "su misura per te", which in Italian means, tailor-made for you. "I like this theme" said the Pope, explaining that it means that each of us is unique. "It is important that each of us joyfully wears the "outfit" of our originality every day". He added, "in history there is no one and there will never be anyone like you. Each one of you is a unique and unrepeatable beauty".

This is how Jesus sees you

Pope Francis went on to explain that this is precisely "how Jesus sees you". He "loves you just as you are, even if some do not consider you and may think you count for little". Jesus came into this world and even today "is close to the children of every country and people", every day, said the Pope. This is God's style, which the Pope said can be described in three words: "closeness, compassion and tenderness".

Stay close to others

Dear friends, continued the Pope, "in the face of Jesus who makes himself our neighbour, let us also learn to make ourselves "next"; next to others: to family members, friends, peers, those in need". The Pope noted that we can always to something for others without waiting for others to do something for us. In this same way, continued the Pope, "we can always be missionaries of the Gospel, and be so everywhere". In order to do this, Pope Francis noted that we have to "take on the style of Jesus". To be his witness we must be closr to him, and we must not fear to do so. 

Jesus never forgets you

Brining his discourse to a close, Pope Francis said that Jesus never forgets about you. "He is always ready to encourage you and never stops believing in you", said the Pope. He always gives you courage and energy, and in particular smiles at you, "especially when you are able to be close to those who are alone, without friends, in difficulty". Jesus is counting on you. 

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18 December 2021, 12:00