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Pope appoints Administrators for churches in Australia and India

The Holy Father has named Apostolic Administrators for the Diocese of Broome, Australia, and for the Syro-Malankar Eparchy of St John Chrysostom of Gurgaon in India.

By Vatian News

The Holy See announced Saturday that Pope Francis has accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the diocese of Broome, Australia, presented by Bishop Christopher Alan Saunders, and has appointed Bishop Michael Henry Morrissey, bishop of Geraldton, as apostolic administrator sede vacante of the same diocese.

Eparchy of St John Chrysostom of Gurgaon

The Vatican also announced the appointment of the Reverend Fr Varghese Vinayanand, O.I.C., as apostolic administrator of the Syro-Malankarese Eparchy of Saint John Chrysostom of Gurgaon, India.

Father Vinayanand is a member of the Order of the Imitation of Christ, a clerical religious congregation of Pontifical Right. He succeeds Bishop Jacob Barnabas Chacko Aerath, O.I.C., who died of post-Covid-19 complications in a private hospital in New Delhi on Thursday.

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29 August 2021, 14:32