Pope Francis addresses International Meeting of Science for Peace Pope Francis addresses International Meeting of Science for Peace 

Pope: Science is a great resource for building peace

Addressing participants in an International Meeting of “Science for Peace” Pope Francis invites scientists to share scientific knowledge in the name of peace.

By Linda Bordoni  

Pope Francis has reiterated his appeal to build together a better post pandemic world always seeking new forms of collaboration.

His call was conveyed in a video-message to participants at a two-day International Meeting dedicated to “Science for Peace” that provides  scientists of different disciplines, researchers and Catholic academicians with a platform where to share knowledge and promote a culture of peace.

The world class event is organized in collaboration with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences whose mission includes achieving a role for science which involves the promotion of justice, development, solidarity, peace, and the resolution of conflict and fostering interaction between faith and reason and encouraging dialogue between science and spiritual, cultural, philosophical and religious values.

A gift of hope

Describing the meeting as “a great gift of hope for humanity,” the Pope said that “Never before as in this time have we been aware of the need to relaunch scientific research to face the challenges of contemporary society.” This meeting he continued testifies that “there cannot and must not be any opposition between faith and science.”

Recalling his Encyclical Fratelli tutti, and quoting from it throughout his discourse,  the Pope said it is urgent to know reality “so as to build together”, and he urged scientists to place their work at the service of all, always seeking new forms of collaboration, the sharing of results, and networking.

Moreover, he continued quoting from the Encyclical, it is important not to overlook the “risk that a single scientific advance will be seen as the only possible lens for viewing a particular aspect of life, society and the world.”

He remarked on how the he experience of the health emergency has underscored the urgency for “the world of science to rethink the prospects for prevention, treatment and health organisation, taking into account the anthropological implications linked to sociality and the quality of relations between family members and, above all, between generations.”

No one should walk alone 

“No scientific knowledge should walk alone and consider itself self-sufficient,” he said.

Pope Francis  continued saying historical reality is increasingly becoming one and “needs to be served in the plurality of knowledge, which in its specific nature contributes to the growth of a new culture capable of building up society by promoting the dignity and development of every man and woman.”

He told those present they are entrusted with the task of “testifying to the possibility of building a new social bond, endeavouring to bring scientific research closer to all the community, from the local to the international, and that together it is possible to overcome every conflict.”

“Science is a great resource for building peace!” he said.

Finally Pope Francis asked the experts to accompany the formation of the new generations, teaching them not to be afraid of the effort of research.

“The Master,” the Pope concluded, “also lets Himself be sought: He instils in everyone the certainty that when one searches honestly one encounters the truth. The changing age needs new disciples of knowledge, and you, dear scientists, are the teachers of a new generation of peacemakers.”

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02 July 2021, 10:30