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Giula's message for Pope Francis. Giula's message for Pope Francis. 

Child patients reciprocate Pope's closeness in hospital

Children being treated at the oncology department of Rome’s Gemelli Hospital have expressed their affection to Pope Francis who is hospitalized there.

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A drawing (above) posted on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of Rome's Gemelli Hospital created much emotion.  It depicts a little girl holding the hand of the Pope who is lying in a hospital bed.  It is accompanied by the words of the author, Giulia, in Italian: “Dear Pope Francis do feel prayer, just as I felt yours when I was sick.”  The words were accompanied by 8 little red hearts, that conveyed a lot more than words can express.

In its update on the Pope’s health on Thursday, the Holy See Press Office said that on Wednesday afternoon, Pope Francis “wanted to show his paternal closeness to the little patients of the nearby Pediatric Oncology and Child Neurosurgery ward, sending them his affectionate greeting”.  “At this particular moment, he turns his gaze to those who suffer, expressing his closeness to the sick, especially to those most in need of care," Bruni added.

A message by child patients to Pope Francis.
A message by child patients to Pope Francis.

Another drawing posted earlier on Monday wrote: “Dear Pope, come to visit us. All the children of the game room of the hospital await you.”  It depicted the Pope, St. Peter’s Basilica, Gemelli Hospital with children at the windows, and a tree.

Another message by hospitalized child patients for the Pope.
Another message by hospitalized child patients for the Pope.

Another sketch in color pencil said: “Dear Pope Francis, we came to know that you are not keeping too well and that you are admitted to our hospital. Even though we cannot see each other, we send you a big hug and wish you a speedy recovery.” It was a direct heart-to-heart message that the Holy Father was able to perceive immediately. 

09 July 2021, 15:54