A new Covid-19 treatment centre in Chennai, India. A new Covid-19 treatment centre in Chennai, India. 

Pope’s charity reaches out again to Covid-hit countries

The Office of Papal Charities has sent ventilators and medical equipment to 9 countries, in a sign of Pope Francis' support for nations struggling with the pandemic.

By Vatican News staff writer

With more than 178 million infections and more than 3.8 million deaths so far, Covid-19 continues to roil countries, lives and economies around the world, particularly the poorest, even after more than a year. 

While the vaccination campaign in the richest countries is proceeding intensively, the health crisis still continues to ravage populations in many poorer areas of the world.

And the heart of Pope Francis goes out once more goes out to some of these last, least and the lost of the world.

Pope's care and concern


The Office of Papal Charities purchased another supply of ventilators and shipped them to a number of needy countries on Thursday, along with other life-saving medical supplies, according to a statement by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the official papal almoner or almsgiver. 

The ventilators and medical supplies have been shipped by diplomatic courier to the Apostolic Nunciatures of 9 countries. 

The apostolic nuncios will distribute them to the hospital centers according to the needs of the local Churches. 

Nations in need

Here are the countries and the number of ventilators sent: Brazil 6,  Colombia 5, Argentina 5, India 6, Chile 4, South Africa 4, Bolivia 3, Syria 3, and Papua New Guinea 2.

Pope Francis has made several donations in funds and medical equipment around the world, such as to Colombia in April and Brazil in August. 

Currently, the worst-case Covid-19 scenarios are Brazil and India who together account for over 879,000 of the world’s 3.8 million deaths.

However, the United States tops the list of countries with over 34 million cases and more than 616,000 deaths. 


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18 June 2021, 13:47