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Pope appeals for help for people of Myanmar and an open heart for refugees

Pope Francis unites his voice to that of the bishops of Myanmar to come to the aid of the thousands of displaced and starving. He also calls on us to open our hearts to refugees.

At the conclusion of the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis joined his voice with the bishops of Myanmar, who have launched an appeal to draw attention to the desperate plight of thousands of displaced and starving in the country.

The bishops are pleading for help so that humanitarian corridors, but also churches, pagodas, monasteries, mosques, and temples as well as schools and hospitals are respected as neutral places of refuge. The Pope said, “May the Heart of Christ touch the hearts of everyone, bringing peace to Myanmar!"

World Refugee Day

He also recalled the observation on Sunday of  the United Nations' World Refugee Day, which has for its theme, “Together we heal, learn and shine”.

The Pope asked that we “open our hearts to refugees” and share in their sorrows and joys, and “learn from their courageous resilience” to become “a more humane community, one big family”. 

20 June 2021, 12:48