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Pope Francis: 'Rezandovoy' is a true program of life

In a video message for the Jesuits in Spain, Pope Francis sends words of encouragement to “Rezandovoy” as the spiritual program celebrates a decade since its launch.

By Vatican News staff writer

Pope Francis sent a message to the “Rezandovoy” initiative for its 10th anniversary, which Spanish Jesuits are celebrating on 29 May.

“Rezandovoy” is a project of the Society of Jesus in Spain, and is coordinated by the Loyola Communications Group.

It offers audio files with prayers inspired by the liturgical texts of each day to encourage the faithful in their Christian prayers.

“For what you do: thank you, keep sowing, strive ahead with the project, which does much good. ‘Rezandovoy’ is a true program of life,” said Pope Francis.

With a request for prayers for himself, the Pope concluded the video message with a blessing.

29 May 2021, 18:41