Paraguay demonstrations Paraguay demonstrations 

Pope appeals for dialogue to prevail over violence in Paraguay

Pope Francis expresses his concerns over the tense situation in Paraguay due to a deepening health and political crisis in the South American nation.

By Vatican News staff writer

Pope Francis on Wednesday prayed for peace and dialogue in Paraguay where protests over the difficult economic, political, and health conditions have led to instances of violence in recent days. 

At the conclusion of his General Audience, the Pope expressed his concern over the situation and prayed that “through the intercession of Our Lady of Miracles of Caacupé”, a Marian shrine in Paraguay he visited in July 2015, “I ask the Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, that a path of sincere dialogue may be found to find adequate solutions to the current difficulties”.

"Sincere dialogue,” he said, is needed to overcome the violent unrest which is always self-destructive and where “nothing is gained through it, but much is lost, sometimes everything”.  Dialogue and solidarity can help “build together the longed-for peace”, he underscored.

Church leaders in Paraguay have also been appealing for calm and called for a national dialogue in the face of the current crisis worsened by the rising Covid infections and economic stress caused by the pandemic.


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17 March 2021, 11:41