Pope Francis arrives in St Peter's Square for the weekly General Audience Pope Francis arrives in St Peter's Square for the weekly General Audience 

Pope Francis' General Audience: English Summary

At the General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles, reflecting on St Paul's ministry in Ephesus, and his farewell to the leaders of the community there.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: In our catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles, we now see the Good News proclaimed in Ephesus, where Paul performs many wonders: healing the sick and freeing those possessed by evil spirits.  Here, in a city where the practice of magic was widespread, Paul preaches the salvation brought by faith in the Lord Jesus. 

On his return voyage to Jerusalem, Paul stops at Miletus and sends for the elders of the church of Ephesus.  He encourages them, who will guide the community after his departure, to be on their guard against teachers of false doctrine, to guide the flock entrusted to their care in the way of holiness, and to show generosity and concern for the poor. 

Dear friends, let us pray that in every age God will sustain the Church’s pastors in deep faith and in zeal for the growth of the Christian community in joyful fidelity to the Gospel.

The Holy Father also greeted various English-speaking groups present for the day's Audience: 

I greet the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors taking part in today’s Audience, especially the groups from Malta, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and the United States of America.  I pray that each of you, and your families, may experience a blessed Advent, in preparation for the coming of the newborn Saviour at Christmas.  May God bless you!

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04 December 2019, 09:28