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Pope to Nizami Ganjavi Foundation: dialogue, cooperation, understanding build fraternity

Pope Francis on Wednesday met representatives of the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation based in Baku, Azerbaijan, encouraging its efforts in building brotherhood among people.

By Robin Gomes

After the conclusion of an 8-day Asian visit to Thailand and Japan, Pope Francis met a group from Central Asia on Wednesday, urging brotherhood and mutual understanding among people. 

Before his weekly general audience on Wednesday, the Holy Father met participants in a meeting sponsored by the Nizami Ganjavi Foundation.  The theme of the November 27-28 high-level meeting is, “Free from Violence: Peace,  Security and Conflict Prevention in the 2030 Development Agenda”.

The Pope expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for its “commitment to address the principal challenges of our day in order to promote peace through dialogue and mutual respect”, drawing inspiration from the 12th century Sunni Muslim poet, after whom the Foundation is named.   

He said members carry out this commitment by placing at the service of the global community the values and experiences acquired in carrying out the important responsibilities they have in their respective countries.

The Pope particularly offered his good wishes for the contribution they hope to make regarding the challenge of climate change.

He encouraged the Foundation in all its efforts “in the conviction that a culture of dialogue is the path, mutual cooperation is the code of conduct and reciprocal understanding is the method to grow in fraternity among persons and peoples”.

Nizami Ganjavi International Center

The Nizami Ganjavi Foundation is part of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center (NGIC) that was created in 2012. Its mission is to build a dialogue and understanding between cultures and peoples for building functional and inclusive societies.  Since its establishment, 3000 attendees representing 87 countries have participated in conferences, forums, workshops and meetings making the Nizami Ganjavi International Center a forum for global leaders to share their valuable experience and knowledge.  More than 100 incumbent and former heads of state and government have participated in its activities.

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27 November 2019, 13:07