What do you do while waiting for the Pope?

Sing your heart out? Wave the Vatican flag and take selfies? Reflect and pray in silence? A series of videos by Vatican News’ Alessandro Guarasci, who is travelling with Pope Francis on his Apostolic Journey to Thailand and Japan gives us a peek at what goes on behind the scenes…

By Vatican News

Young people gathered at Tokyo’s Holy Mary Cathedral can’t keep to their seats as they await the Pope’s arrival for what has become an unmissable rendezvous, in whatever part of the world Francis finds himself.

Music and song sets the stage for survivors of Japan’s so called “Triple Disaster” as they prepare to share their experience with the Pope at Belesalle Hanzomon Auditorium in Tokyo.

Victims of Triple Disaster await Pope Francis

True to their traditional values and to their culture, Japanese Catholics in Tokyo get ready to partake in the Eucharist with Pope Francis patiently, praying in silence, singing hymns and reading the scripture.

Japanese Catholics get redy to partake in the Eucharist


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25 November 2019, 12:41