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Pope Francis with the members of the Italian Union of the Catholic Press Pope Francis with the members of the Italian Union of the Catholic Press  (Vatican Media)

Pope to Catholic Press: Give a voice to those who have none

Pope Francis meets with the Italian Union of the Catholic Press and reminds them that through words of peace they can help others distinguish good from evil.

By Francesca Merlo

Pope Francis began by encouraging members of the Italian Catholic Press to carry their founders’ dream, which, according to their Statute, is to be: "a professional and ecclesial association inspired by the service of persons, the Gospel and the Magisterium of the Church".

Good from evil

Journalists, said the Pope, are “chroniclers of history”. He urged those present to “be the voice of conscience” of a journalism which distinguishes “good from evil” and “human choices from inhumane ones”.

“Tell the truth at any cost”, said the Pope, being always “respectful and never arrogant”.

World-shaping words

The Pope went on to express the importance of “real words in the midst of so many empty” ones. Because, he said, “your words narrate and shape the world” Your stories can generate spaces, these can be spaces that promote freedom or slavery; responsibility or dependence on power.

Only through using words of “peace, justice and solidarity” can a more just and supportive societies be built. Therefore, he continued, “may you contribute to exposing false and destructive words”.


The Pope went on to talk about the difficult tasks that journalists face in the digital age. With the web, he said, you must “identify credible sources, contextualise, interpret, and, above all, prioritise”.

“Do not be afraid to overturn the order of the news”, he said, in order to “to give a voice to those who have none”.

23 September 2019, 10:12