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Pope urges fraternal civilization for authentic human promotion

Pope Francis sent a message to a 3-day international conference on world balance in Havana, Cuba.

By Robin Gomes

Pope Francis is urging people of good will to come together in dialogue in a framework of plurality in order to build a fraternal civilization for authentic human promotion.

He made the call in a message to the 4th International Conference for World Balance that kicked off on Monday in Havana, Cuba. 

The January 28-31 meeting organized by the José Martí Project of International Solidarity intends to sensitize humanity and stimulate the construction of a better, balanced, sustainable, fairer and more peaceful world through broad democratic debates. 

José Martí, the 19th century Cuban revolutionary, poet, and journalist who organized Cuba's struggle for independence, is a national hero and an important figure in Latin America.

Human promotion

Noting how various events have significantly contributed to endangering the equilibrium of today's civilization, Pope Francis in his message calls on people of good will to unite and meet in events of this nature, in a framework of plurality, in order to achieve authentic human promotion.  “Those who are committed to the defence of the dignity of persons,” he says, “can find in the Christian faith the deepest arguments for this commitment."

The Argentine Pope urged the conference participants to draw inspiration from the thoughts and teaching of José Marti, whom St. John Paul II described as “a man of light”.


The Holy Father further points out that the human environment and the natural environment go hand in hand and can be degraded together. According to him, environmental degradation cannot be adequately addressed if we do not understand the causes that have to do with human and social degradation. 


In this regard, he urges that the culture of encounter be fostered, especially in youth, by promoting social friendship that unites people in the common objective of the promotion of persons.

The Holy Father hoped that the work and reflection of the Havana conference will bear fruit of understanding and dialogue in the attainment of an ever more fraternal civilization.

29 January 2019, 18:00