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"The strength of vocation": A book-length interview with Pope Francis

Pope Francis' new book "The strength of vocation. Consecrated life today.", coming out on December 3rd, is fruit of a four-hour long conversation between the Holy Father and Spanish Missionary Fernando Prado, tackling themes such as vocation, consecrated life and the struggles the Church is facing today.

By Francesca Merlo

Pope Francis’ new book: “The strength of vocation. Consecrated life today” will be coming out on December 3rd, 2018. The 120 page-long book has been translated into 10 languages and recounts a four-hour long conversation held in Santa Marta in August between the Holy Father and Spanish Missionary Fernando Prado.

Amongst the numerous themes touched on in the dialogue, using examples from his own life and experience, Pope Francis tackles above all the theme of vocation and the missions of consecrated persons, taking into account the difficulties the Church is facing in this day and age.

The Pope refused to have the questions sent to him prior to the interview, enabling an open and honest dialogue, even with regards to some of the more difficult topics.

Finding motivation and positivity, Pope Francis helps us to appreciate the small things, learn from others and work together whilst following and embracing the message of the Church.
The dialogue is divided into three chapters: “Look at the past with gratitude”, “Live the present with passion” and “Embrace the future with hope”.

In fact, in the first of these chapters, the Pope encourages us to look back to the past with gratitude, but not as we would when looking at an object in a museum, but with the eyes of someone seeking the roots of inspiration.

01 December 2018, 12:07