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Pope Francis in Korea four years ago: Asian youth, wake up!

Pope Francis, in August 2014 joined the 6th Asian Youth Day in South Korea from 13 to 18. August 13, marks the 4th anniversary of his arrival there. He joined in the youth rally and brought the curtains down on the event with a Mass on the 17th in Daejeon.

Youth delegations from Asian countries gathered in Daejeon, South Korea on the theme “Asian Youth Wake up - The Glory of Martyrs shines on you”.

His message to the young people of Asia was: “You are the heirs of a great testimony, a precious witness to Christ. He is the light of the world; he is the light of our lives! The martyrs of Korea – and innumerable others throughout Asia – handed over their bodies to their persecutors; to us they have handed on a perennial witness that the light of Christ’s truth dispels all darkness, and the love of Christ is gloriously triumphant. With the certainty of his victory over death, and our participation in it, we can face the challenge of Christian discipleship today, in our own circumstances and time”.


13 August 2018, 09:32