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Pope Francis meets with Chilean Abuse Prevention Council

Pope Francis met on Friday with a representative of Chile's abuse prevention council and a Chilean bishop to discuss steps being taken to address the clerical sex abuse crisis in the country.

Pope Francis met on Friday morning with Chilean Bishop Juan Ignacio González of San Bernardo and Ana Maria Celis Brunet, President of the Chilean National Council for Abuse Prevention and the Care for Victims.

The meeting took place at the Pope's residence in the Casa Santa Marta. 

A statement from the Holy See Press Office said the purpose of the meeting was "to update each other and exchange opinions on the steps being taken in Chile to address the cases of abuse and ensure they never happen again."

A key part of their discussions focused on the suffering of the victims and their need to find consolation and redress.

The statement said Pope Francis has paid close attention to every step taken by the Chilean Bishops' Conference, and expressed the Pope's desire "that all questions be clarified in order to give a just response to all."

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10 August 2018, 21:06