Pope in video message tells Cuban youth to have courage

In a video message to the young people of Cuba, Pope Francis invites them to have courage and to work together to build up the Cuban Church.

By Devin Watkins

Pope Francis on Saturday sent a video message to the young people of Cuba, telling them never to fear to heed God’s call.

The Pope encouraged them “to fall in love with Jesus” and to work for the advancement of the Catholic Church in Cuba. He said God’s call presents itself in everyday situations.

“Be generous and open your hearts to the Lord!” he said.

World Youth Day an opportunity

Making reference to upcoming World Youth Day gatherings, the Holy Father said the World Youth Day in Panama and a national Cuban one taking place in Santiago in November 2018 are opportunities “to continue building the Cuban Church of today and tomorrow.”

“Know that you are not alone,” he said, “and that we build only out of the concrete community to which we belong.”

Pope Francis said it is the local Church community where “we commit our lives and carry out our vocation.”

‘Good patriots’

He called Cuba’s youth “good patriots” and invited them to love their country. “I invite you always to move forward”, he said. “Look ahead. Love your nation. Love Jesus.”

Finally, Pope Francis told the young people of Cuba to have courage and to look to the Virgin Mary.

“May Our Lady watch over you”, he told them.

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21 April 2018, 09:43