Protests continue in Nicaragua Protests continue in Nicaragua 

Pope at Regina Coeli calls for end to violence in Nicaragua

During remarks at the Regina Coeli, Pope Francis expressed his concern for the situation in Nicaragua, where at least 25 people have been killed when security forces attempted to break-up anti-government protests.

By Vatican News

The Pope said he was close to the people of Nicaragua in prayer, and united his voice to that of the Nicaraguan Bishops, who have called for an end to the violence.

Protests began after the government of President Daniel Ortega increased pension contributions but reduced payout benefits by five percent. There are reports of more than twenty people dead throughout the country, including a reporter who was killed while broadcasting live on Facebook.

Pope Francis is appealing for an end to the violence and for the situation to be resolved peacefully with a sense of responsibility. The Bishops Conference say: “A unilateral decision always brings social instability. Rectifying decisions are always a sign of humanity.

22 April 2018, 17:44