Roman parish of Saint Gelasius Roman parish of Saint Gelasius 

Pope visits Roman Parish

On Sunday 25 February the Pope travels to the Roman parish of Saint Gelasius in Ponte Mammolo . During the visit, Pope Francis meets with young people, the sick, families and the Caritas workers from the parish, and presides over Mass.

At around 4pm Rome time on Sunday afternoon Pope Francis visits the parish of Saint Gelasius on the outskirts of Rome.  

The various meetings in the parish before the Mass

While there the Pope meets  with children and families, as well as  the sick, the elderly, the poor and the workers from the Caritas center. He is also meeting with two young people, aged 18 and 25, who come from the Republic of Gambia and who are being hosted in the parish.  At around 6pm Pope Francis presides over Holy Mass.

Established in 1972, the parish of San Gelasius I is frequented by hundreds of faithful. The parish also assists about 250 poor people to whom clothes and food packages are distributed every Thursday. Also on Thursdays the canteen provides breakfast and lunch, to over 50 people , many of whom live in makeshift shelters in the nearby Aniene Park. 

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25 February 2018, 14:58