Aftermath of earthquake that hit Taiwan's east coast Aftermath of earthquake that hit Taiwan's east coast 

Pope Francis prays for victims of Taiwan quake

Cardinal Parolin has sent a telegram to the Bishop of Hwalien, Taiwan, expressing the Pope's condolences following an earthquake that struck Tuesday night.

Pope Francis has expressed his solidarity with those affected by earthquakes in Taiwan, in a telegram sent by Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to the Bishop of Hwalien.

In the telegram, Cardinal Parolin says that the Holy Father is praying for those who have lost their lives, as well as those who were injured in the quakes. The Pope, he says, also offers encouragement to those “engaged in rescue efforts.”

Hwalien, a popular tourist town in eastern Taiwan, was struck by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake just before midnight Tuesday. At least six people are confirmed to have died in the quake, with hundreds more wounded. Dozens of people are still missing, with some believed to be trapped inside crumbling buildings. In the aftermath of the quake, more than 40,000 homes are without water, and 1,900 have no power.

Below, please find the full text of Cardinal Parolin’s telegram to Bishop Philip Huang Chao-ming of Hwalien:

The Most Reverend Philip Huang Chao-ming
Bishop of Hwalien

His Holiness Pope Francis wishes to express his solidarity with all those affected by the earthquakes in Taiwan these past days, and he offers the assurance of his prayers for those who have lost their lives and for those who have been injured. As he encourages the civil authorities and emergency personnel engaged in rescue efforts, His Holiness willingly invokes upon all the Taiwanese people the divine blessings of strength and peace.

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07 February 2018, 16:46