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Pope encourages Taiwan's Christian leaders to pursue unity

Pope Francis has received in audience members of the National Council of Churches of Taiwan. In his discourse the ecumenical gathering he had words of encouragement in their pursuit of full Christian Unity.

By Linda Bordoni

Pope Francis has urged members of the National Council of Churches of Taiwan to continue in their work to educate young generations “in the art of dialogue, so that they can become protagonists of a much-needed culture of harmony and reconciliation”.

The Pope was addressing a Delegation of the Council whom he received in audience in the Vatican.


The Council

The ecumenical Council, founded in 1991, aims to achieve full Christian unity by strengthening the relationship of churches, promoting cooperation, charitable works and education as well as proclaiming the Christian message, and participating in the common mission of the church to the world.

Recent visit to Asia

To the Delegation gathered in the Vatican’s Consistory Hall Pope Francis spoke of his recent visit to Myanmar and Bangladesh where, he said, he experienced both the vitality and enterprise of the people, but also the suffering face of a humanity all too often deprived of material prosperity and social well-being.

He highlighted the good works of the Council and expressed his deep belief that as Christians we are called to work together to promote the dignity of each human being.

Commitment to promote Christian unity

He thanked those present for their commitment to promote greater unity between believers in the Lord and said that the strengthening of relations between the Christian confessions, and the shared proclamation of Jesus, also through works of charity and educational projects aimed at the young, will prove beneficial to society as a whole.  

Educating the young generations

“Building a better future for all, Francis said, requires, in a particular way, educating the younger generations in the art of dialogue, so that they can become protagonists of a much-needed culture of harmony and reconciliation.  This will encourage them to pursue, with God’s help, the path that leads from conflict to communion, a path that has shown itself so fruitful in the ecumenical journey”.

The Pope concluded his discourse encouraging all to continue to journey together in the primacy of charity towards full Christian unity.


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07 December 2017, 12:18