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Marko Rupnik dismissed from the Society of Jesus

The measure was taken after the Jesuit artist and preacher refused to obey his superiors' orders to "change community" and "accept a new mission" following allegations of sexual and psychological abuse of several religious sisters. The decree was announced on 14 June. Rupnik has 30 days to appeal the dismissal.

By Vatican News

Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, the well-known artist and preacher accused of psychological and sexual abuse by several adult religious sisters, has been dismissed from the Society of Jesus of which he was a member. This was announced in a statement - published on the Jesuits' official website - by Father Johan Verschueren, General Councillor and Delegate for the Interprovincial Houses and Works of the Society of Jesus in Rome, who explained that the decision was taken "in accordance with canon law", due to Rupnik's "obstinate refusal" to "observe the vow of obedience".

Rupnik’s superiors had ordered him to "change communities" and "accept a new mission". This was following the “highly credible” accusations against him that are listed in a dossier, which contains "numerous denunciations of all kinds", and that come "from very different sources” spanning a period “of over 30 years". The dossier had been delivered in February 2023 by the Referral Team for cases of complaints against Jesuits.

"Faced with Marko Rupnik's repeated refusal to obey this mandate, we were unfortunately left with only one solution: resignation from the Society of Jesus," the statement continued. The priest was sent the resignation decree on 14 June; he now has 30 days to appeal.  "If and when Father Marko Rupnik's resignation from the Society becomes definitive, it will be possible to look into the issues and make more things known," Verschueren stated, expressing gratitude for "the understanding and support in this painful affair".

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16 June 2023, 16:52