LOPM International in Biliran Province, Philippines (courtesy of Fr. Fran Villegas of the Archdiocese of Cebu) LOPM International in Biliran Province, Philippines (courtesy of Fr. Fran Villegas of the Archdiocese of Cebu) 

International Catholic movement encourages support for Pope

The lead convenor of Love Our Pope Movement (LOPM) International in the Philippines shares the goal of the association: to mobilize the Catholic faithful people and reach out to all institutions to offer support to Pope Francis and to every Successor of St. Peter.

By Rechilda Estores   

In an interview with Vatican News in 15 June, Filipino Jose Mario Maximiano, the lead convenor of the Love Our Pope Movement (LOPM) International in Manila, Philippines, explained that LOPM International “is an international Catholic movement, initiated from the grassroots, with the clergy, lay leaders, women, religious, and young people participating through the synodal process, under the guidance of their bishops.” 

Mr. Maximiano added that the movement “provides positive experiences, venues, and tools of all kinds, forms, and shapes to promote and explain to the people the ad intra Church reforms,” he specified. “In the case of Pope Francis, his papal teachings: Laudato si', Amoris laetitia, Fratelli tutti, Traditionis custodes, Praedicate Evangelium, the Synod on Synodality, and others.”

He said that LOPM International is important because it explains “the role and participation of the Christifidelis laici (Christian laity) in the mission of the Church.”

The Manila leader also highlighted that the movement is initiated from Synodality.

“LOPM International is one of the most meaningful fruits reaped from the synodal process initiated by Pope Francis in 2021, with the Father of the Family ‘walking together’ with his children,” he continued. “In the synodal process, we read the signs of the times and felt the need for the existence of a global movement, a movement initiated from below, from the faithful on the ground.”

People of the Catholic Church

Mr. Maximiano said that the movement began in the Philippines, and that many people around the globe are working together to achieve its goals, including the “Bishop Advisors from Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Philippines, Convenors from Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and New Zealand – in addition to a dozen local convenors, one Superior General, three provincial superiors, several presidents of national Catholic organizations.” 

He pointed out that “The movement’s convenors, partners, volunteers, and advisors are armed with pure love and profound respect for our Holy Mother Church and her visible head, the Successor of St. Peter, free of personal ambition except the ambition to love and support the Bishop of Rome.”

He mentioned that “the educational-doctrinal, affective, and prayer-support goals of the movement together will also serve as one big torch of faith, hope, and solidarity for many Christian believers.”

The Filipino convenor believes that the “collective efforts in this movement, will bring much joy for the Father of the Family called the Catholic Church.”

Leading people towards Christ

Mr. Maximiano noted that LOPM International encourages people to engage in the Church.

“One of the four objectives is doctrinal. We guide the people through education, formation, and the new evangelization and, in the process, we explain why the lay members of the faithful (Christifidelis laici) should get involved and actively participate,” he added. “Part of this is our aim to persuade the silent majority, confused Christians, and doubters in the grassroots and among Church leaders to become vigorous supporters of the Vicar of Christ.”

He went on saying that the LOPM International is transcended with love.

“We aim for more people to love God and love the Pope. To love our Pope is a concrete manifestation of our love for Jesus,” he furthers. “Love in the movement is expressed through words and deeds.”

Mr. Maximiano concluded the interview by inviting others to spread love in the Church and to  “lend a hand, touch a heart, inspire a soul, today and everyday.”

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16 June 2023, 09:48