Fr Isaac Achi, Niger State, Nigeria Fr Isaac Achi, Niger State, Nigeria 

Nigeria: Catholic priest killed and another injured after attack by bandits

A Catholic priest was killed in Nigeria when his house was set on fire by bandits, who also shot and injured another priest as he attempted to flee.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Another tragedy in Nigeria has taken place with two Catholic priests who are victims of senseless violence, one fatally.

Early on Sunday morning, in Nigeria's Niger State, a group of bandits attacked the parish residence of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Kafin-Koro, Paikoro region, before dawn. 

The attack caused the death of Father Isaac Achi, who was serving as the parish priest.

Upon the arrival of security forces at the scene, the bandits fled, setting the house on fire from which Father Achi was unable to flee. 

The unknown assailants also shot and wounded Father Collins Omeh, who remains in hospital but is responding to treatment. 

The Catholic Diocese of Minna released a statement later in the day calling for prayers for the Diocese and for the quick recovery of Fr. Collins. 

Died in fire set by bandits

Confirming the violent and tragic attack which took place around 3 am, the State's Police Public Relations Officer, Wasiu Abiodun, said that "the bandits attempted to enter the residence, but failed, and set fire to the house, while the Reverend Father died charred."

Police tactical teams from Kafin-Koro "were immediately dispatched to the scene, but the perpetrators fled before they arrived."

Surviving priest taken to hospital

The lifeless body of Father Achi was recovered, "while Father Collins was taken to hospital for treatment."

The Commissioner of Police, State Command, Ogundele Ayodeji, sent a reinforcement team to the area "and efforts are ongoing to apprehend the assailants, while investigations into the tragic attack have commenced."

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15 January 2023, 13:01