#EOF2022: Governments can implement 'policies for happiness'

Si Chun Lam, a young economist based in Britain, shares his thoughts on how the Economy of Francesco, held in Assisi on 22-24 September 2022, can help disseminate economic policies that seek to engender happiness.

By Francesca Merlo - Assisi, Italy

Young economists and entrepreneurs have gathered in the central Italian city of Assisi to take part in the three-day Economy of Francesco event, which will see Pope Francis attend on Saturday.

One of the coordinators of the "Policies for Happiness" Village is Si Chun Lam, an economist originally from Hong Kong and now based in the UK city of Coventry, in central England.

He shared his belief that young people can make a difference in convicing policymakers to implement programmes that improve the lives of their constituents.

21 September 2022, 21:44