COMECE regrets adoption of new resolution on abortion by European Parliament COMECE regrets adoption of new resolution on abortion by European Parliament 

EU Bishops oppose adding abortion to EU charter of fundamental rights

The Bishops of the European Union urge the European Parliament not to enter into the abortion debate in the United States, which they say lies outside its competence, and invite the EU to work towards more unity among Europeans.

By Vatican News staff reporter

The Bishops of the European Union have expressed regret over the adoption of a new resolution on abortion by the European Parliament on Thursday.

In a statement released on Friday, COMECE said the resolution entitled “US Supreme Court decision to overturn abortion rights in the United States and the need to safeguard abortion rights and Women’s health in the EU” paves the way for “a deviation from universally recognized human rights and misrepresents the tragedy of abortion for mothers in difficulties.”

"We must work for more unity among Europeans, not to create higher ideological barriers and polarization," urged the statement signed by Fr. Manuel Barrios Prieto, General Secretary of the Commission of Bishops Conferences of the EU (COMECE).

Radical agendas endanger fundamental rights

Regarding the resolution, the bishops urge the European Parliament not to enter into an area such as abortion, which is out of its competence, nor interfere in the internal affairs of democratic EU or non-EU countries.

COMECE further warns the European Parliament that promoting radical political agendas “endangers fundamental rights, including freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and damages social cohesion.”

More so, the bishops caution that the prioritization of the inclusion of abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, “may seriously endanger the chances of such reform process, while intensifying confrontations among our fellow citizens and between the Member States."

In June 2022, COMECE released another declaration in view of the European Parliament discussion on the leaked draft opinion of the US Supreme Court concerning abortion.

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08 July 2022, 10:45