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Davos: Sisters say Laudato si' is impacting business world

Sr. Mary Kudiyiruppil, Vice-Executive Secretary of the UISG, tells Vatican News in Davos the importance of the Church and business world having a rapport, and the impact of Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment on corporate culture.

By Mario Galgano - Davos

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, UISG Vice-Executive Secretary Sr. Mary Kudiyiruppil says Pope Francis' encyclical on care for the environment, Laudato si', is having an impact on the business world. Sister Mary is a member of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit from India and part of the "Global Sister Project." 

Members of the "Sister Project" participated in a public discussion at the WEF with businesspeople and human rights activists. They emphasized that the world needs "courageous leaders," that include women.

Collaboration with the business world

Speaking with Vatican News' Mario Galgano on the sidelines of the Forum, Sr. Mary said, "We can make also our contribution. And we do make a contribution because courageous leadership is not always very recognizable. It's often hidden, but it's very effective."

She discussed how collaboration between the Church and the business world can bear fruit.

"We are talking about alternative economies. We are saying that we need change, transformation. We are saying the old models are not working. So, let's try something together, the business world with the faith-based world. I feel we also have also our part to contribute to this."

The religious sister noted how she serves also as a Catholic representative in the World Council of Churches, even though the Catholic Church is not one of its members.

"Even there," she said, "I see how much [Pope Francis] is appreciated, how much the encyclicals are quoted."

Impact of Pope's Laudato si

"Pope Francis is making an impact," she noted, saying his encyclical "Laudato si, for example, and so much of [this idea] connected to ecology and caring for our Common Home, was also taken up by the corporate world."

“It's not just limited to the Church and the religious institutions. I see many people from the secular civil society coming quoting Pope Francis and showing interest in his works, in his words, in his encyclicals. Yes. I think it's making an impact.”

Sister Mary Kudiyiruppil also admitted that initially she was apprehensive about participating in the economic forum, but that from her experience, she is satisfied seeing how business and religious sisters can work together for the common good.

She also reflected on some of the work she is personally following. She underscored how in her home, 16 people are being hosted, including twelve Ukrainians, and she called on all people to help one another during this time of crisis.

Listen to the interview:
24 May 2022, 14:20