A panel discussion on "European Unity in a Disordered World" at the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos A panel discussion on "European Unity in a Disordered World" at the World Economic Forum 2022 in Davos 

Davos: Church already dedicated to themes of Forum

Fr. Leonir Chiarello, the Superior General of the Scalabrinian Missionaries, tells Vatican News in Davos the Church has already been at the forefront of many WEF Forum agenda items at a global and local level, and shares success stories.

By Mario Galgano - Davos

The Catholic Church is already committed to the various issues considered at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, both globally and locally.

Speaking with Vatican News' Mario Galgano on the sidelines of the annual Forum in the Swiss city, Fr. Leonir Chiarello, Superior General of the Scalabrinian missionaries, who is participating in the encounter, made this observation about the Church's priorities and activities.

“Just a few examples: the perspective proposed by Pope Francis on the care of nature and the promotion of a more inclusive economy in Laudato si' and Fratelli tutti... The various programmes for job creation, development, education, and health care, among other programmes promoted by the Catholic organizations and religious congregations at global and local levels...”

Fr. Chiarello was invited to present the experience of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Charles - Scalabrinians - and other religious congregations engaged in job creation programs for migrants and refugees in collaboration with the private sector and the Global Solidarity Fund.

While the Catholic Church, he said, can further engage itself in other initiatives developing at local and global levels, Fr. Chiarello also shared success stories already taking place.

Success stories

“There is an anecdote I would like to share with you, the story of a Colombian woman who had been a refugee in Venezuela for many years.”

Due to the crisis in Venezuela, he said, she returned to Colombia. "With the support of the Scalabrini missionaries and international cooperation, she developed a small toy factory in the border between Colombia, Venezuela, and Cucuta to provide work for a group of migrant women," he said.

"It is a very successful business," he said.

Listen to the interview with Fr. Leonir Chiarello:

"This is an example of a successful cooperation between the Catholic Church, the private sector, and international cooperation," he said, noting "it created jobs and promoted an economy that embraces everyone, including migrants and refugees."

“Like her, millions of migrants and refugees are accompanied by reception, protection, promotion, and integration programs, developed around the world by the Catholic Church, in coordination and cooperation with, the private sector, governments, and international organizations.”

'We expect deliverables'

The Superior General noted how this year's edition "continues to involve the main political, economic and social actors," and applauded its initiatives to promote co-responsibility and international cooperation.

Fr. Chiarello recalled the eight fundamental themes of this year's edition: climate and nature, fairer economics, technology and innovation, jobs and skills, better business, health and healthcare, global cooperation, and society and equity. To make progress in these areas, he noted, working together is indispensable.

In the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic and wars in different countries, Fr. Chiarello stressed the importance of building consensus and a common agenda to address the aforementioned issues; defining and implementing policies and programmes to put into practice the issues considered by the Forum; and establishing mechanisms for international cooperation and co-responsibility aimed at achieving concrete results for the population.

“In one word, deliverables. We expect deliverables from the Forum.”

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25 May 2022, 13:20