Christmas Season 2021: Rejoice in Christ’s birth – Archbishop Comensoli

The birth of Jesus is the most powerful sign and message of hope in a world darkened by the shadows of fear and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We bring you the voices of religious leaders and heads of Christian charitable organizations as they look to a future in which “No one is saved alone.”

In his Christmas message, Archbishop Peter Comensoli of Melbourne says that Christmas is "the living memory of the greatest gift we have ever been given: that of the Christ-child, Emmanuel, who is God-with-us. He is the great gift of hope at Christmas: the gift of a God who is with us, who loves us and binds us together in all that is worth living for - and who remains with us, through thick and thin."

The Archbishop notes that the Christmas Angel and Star which are to be found in cribs and on Christmas trees around the world, illuminate “what would otherwise remain in the shadow.” That light, he says, “reveals delights and gifts, warmth and hope; but most especially it reveals a child who would be the light of the world.”

“Whether it was by the light from heaven glorifying the shepherds, or the light in the heavens guiding the Magi; both the lowly and the mighty were led to 'the Light' under which all people could find illumination”

The Archbishop prays that Jesus, child of God and Mary will “illumine the darkened regions of the world, and the shadowy places of the human heart.”

“May we look to His light and find hope for our families and for ourselves,” and may the “light of Christmas – the light of Jesus –spread out its rays to bring reconciliation between enemies, to light up bridges over troubled waters; to reveal new ways towards renewed friendship.”

30 December 2021, 09:00