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Carla Fracci and Rudolf Nureyev in Don Quixote Carla Fracci and Rudolf Nureyev in Don Quixote  (ANSA)

Archbishop of Milan pays tribute to Carla Fracci

Archbishop Mario Delpini of Milan sends his condolences for the death of iconic prima ballerina Carla Fracci and recalls the gifts she had to communicate love and spirituality through dance.

By Linda Bordoni

“Through the art of dance, which is gracefulness, levity and hard, ardous work, Carla Fracci showed us that the human body can communicate messages of love, of pain and loss, of poetry and prayer.”

These are the words chosen by the Archbishop of Milan, Mario Delpini, in his message of condolences for the death of the iconic ballet dancer, Carla Fracci, who was born in Milan but who gained worldwide admiration and respect in the many decades of her career.

Carla Fracci died aged 84 on 27 May and is lying in state in the foyer of her beloved Teatro alla Scala. The funeral ceremony will take place on Saturday in Milan’s Basilica di San Marco.

During her long career,  world famous choreographers created ballets for her, and she partnered the greatest of dancers such as Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. Her personality, talent and charisma made of her a role model and an emblem of grace and beauty for millions of dancers and balletomanes across the globe. Her interpretation of Giselle will remain etched forever in the memory of those who had the privilege to watch her dance the great classic.     

In a statement, La Scala’s ballet director, Manuel Legris said, “She leaves us in amazement, on tiptoe like Giselle, a spirit that remains with us, filling the ballrooms, the stage and our hearts. We feel a great void that, at the same time, makes us feel full and rich in all her history - which is the history of ballet - and privileged to have shared her art.”

In his message, Archbishop Delpini described the great dancer’s death as “an emotion that has shaken the entire city of Milan and echoed across the world.”

Assuring Carla Fracci’s family of his prayers of suffrage, Archbisop Delpini concluded saying “the glory of God transfigures human glory into fulfilment and consoles those who mourn its loss”.

Carla Fracci speaks to reporters
Carla Fracci speaks to reporters
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