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Archbishop José Luis Azuaje Archbishop José Luis Azuaje  

Venezuelan Bishop calls for attention to suffering citizens

The President of the Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference, calls on the government to tend to the suffering of its citizens amid the pandemic.

By Vatican News

In an interview for Venezuelan news channel Telesur, the President of the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela, Archbishop José Luis Azuaje has appealed for the alleviation of “the suffering of Venezuelans.”

The Archbishop’s concerns

The Archbishop’s concerns revolve around the lockdown situation in the country that has now lasted for eight weeks. He pointed out that “the country is not able to extend the period of isolation because the current crisis has already created countless difficulties, especially in the field of public services.” Besides this, there is “the shortage of fuel and the excessive increase in consumer prices.”

The prelate also announced that the bishops would meet to discuss the 1 May foiled escape attempt of prisoners during a revolt in the Los Llanos prison in Guanare, Portuguesa state. During that revolt, at least forty detainees reportedly lost their lives and some prison guards were wounded.

Appeal by Caritas

Caritas Internationalis recently appealed to the international community to suspend the economic sanctions against Venezuela and some other countries to allow the importation of medicine and medical equipment. This will also allow the government to allocate funds to support vulnerable communities during this period.

12 May 2020, 14:13