Streaming in sign language for the Easter Triduum

For the Easter Triduum, Vatican News creates an ad hoc YouTube channel with translations of the liturgical celebrations into Sign Language for people with hearing and communication disabilities.

By Vatican News

Following the Angelus at the conclusion of Mass on Palm Sunday, Pope Francis invited “people and families who are not able to participate in the liturgical celebrations” for the Easter Triduum “to gather together in prayer” in their homes, through the assistance of technical means.

Precisely in order to meet the need expressed by the Holy Father, and to ensure that no one is excluded, Vatican News has created an ad hoc YouTube channel with translations of the liturgies into Sign Language.

People with communication and hearing disabilities will be able to follow all the Paschal celebrations and rites via live streaming, at the following link:

The translation into Italian Sign Language (LIS, Lingua dei Segni Italiana) will be undertaken by Sister Veronica Donatello, head of the Italian Episcopal Conference’s National Service for the pastoral care of persons with disabilities. Sister Donatello previously provided the sign language translation for the Moment of Prayer with Pope Francis, which took place at St Peter's on 27 March.

The project is taking place in collaboration with TV2000, the broadcasting network of the Italian Bishops’ Conference. 

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07 April 2020, 15:45