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Pope Francis made us proud to be Mauritians!

Pope Francis’ one day visit to Mauritius saw the entire population come together to welcome their special guest.

By Xavier Sartre – Port Louis

The only thing wrong with Pope Francis’ Apostolic Visit to the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius is that “it was too short!”

That’s according to Simon Wang, a shepherd of the charismatic English-language prayer group “Living Water” who speaks of how the Pope’s presence galvanized Mauritians breathing new energy into their multicultural identity.  

“I could feel this sincerity of the Pope’s words coming into my heart”, Wang says: “I could feel the love he has for other people.”

And he talks of how Pope Francis really cares, even for a tiny island like Mauritius, of how he cares for the youth.

Listen to Xavier Sartre's full interview with Simon Wang
10 September 2019, 16:12