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Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin 

Abp of Dublin appeals for end to recurrent violence in the city

The Archbishop of Dublin in Ireland, Diarmuid Martin condemns the level of violence in the capital city in recent weeks and says those who ‘traffic in evil’ will no longer be able to exploit religious services

By Lydia O'Kane

In a strongly worded statement at the conclusion of Mass on Monday in Dublin’s Pro-Cathedral, the Archbishop said violence in the city “had taken on an unprecedented level of depravity with shootings taking place unscrupulously near schools and shopping centres, leaving families terrified and children witnessing brutality that will leave scars on their lives for years.”

The perpetrators and sponsors of such violence, he said, “merit nothing but rejection and distain. They belong behind bars and their business of death must be undermined and destroyed.”

Over the last few weeks there has been a spate of murders in Dublin. Many are linked to drug gangs operating in the city.

The Archbishop appealed to anyone who can provide information about what he called “this sickening underworld to have the courage and the decency to come forward in the interest of all.”

Archbishop Martin also appealed to civil and community leaders to show a united and uncompromising response.

The Archbishop stressed that, “where it can be ascertained that individuals hold direct responsibility in this traffic in evil they will no longer be allowed to exploit religious services in the Archdiocese of Dublin to enhance their image.”


04 June 2019, 10:00