Joseph Coutts on being created a Cardinal

Newly-created Cardinal Joseph Coutts, Archbishop of Karachi, tells Vatican News about his surprise at being elevated to the College of Cardinals and about the situation for Christians in Pakistan.

By Devin Watkins

Pope Francis raised the Archbishop of Karachi, Joseph Coutts, to the College of Cardinals on Thursday during the Ordinary Public Consistory.

In an interview with Vatican News, Cardinal Coutts said he was surprised at his nomination.

He said the clergy in Pakistan is very close to the people.

"For us, in a poor country like Pakistan and in a small, young Church, historically, where we all, as bishops or archbishops, spend a lot of time with the people. And thank God we don't have that lifestyle which takes us above the people. We try to be with the people most of the time."

Cardinal Coutts said he was unsure whether his new jobs would reduce the time he has available to spend with the people.

"So to be a cardinal, I don't yet know what the implications are. But I fear there will be a gap. I won't be able to give so much time to the people," he said.

28 June 2018, 16:51