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Archbishop Jean Claude Hollerich Archbishop Jean Claude Hollerich 

Archbishop Hollerich on the challenges ahead for COMECE

The new president of COMECE Jean Claude Hollerich speaks about the challenges ahead for European Bishops and for Europe itself.

This week the Archbishop of Luxembourg, Jean Claude Hollerich was named president of COMECE, the structure that brings together delegates from the episcopal conferences of the member countries of the European Union in Brussels. 

The Jesuit will remain at the helm of COMECE for the next five years.

Speaking to Vatican News’ Mario Galgano following his election, the Archbishop highlighted the importance of teamwork in order to bring about change.


“One thing is certain for me the Presidency should work as a team because we have people from Southern Europe from Eastern Europe and from the West.”

Importance of Dialogue

The Archbishop went on to say that their mission was “a dialogue with the European institutions… and that our dialogue with politics can put people back to the centre as an actor for political action and political change.”

Challenges ahead

Asked about the challenges for COMECE and the European Union, Archbishop Hollerich said, “there will be many challenges”, adding that there were the recent Italian elections, elections for the European parliament, and Brexit.

“We have to address these issues, and we have to address them in such a way that we are not pessimistic but think that we can give back hope to people in Europe,” he said.

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09 March 2018, 13:53