Presentation of calendar of events: Cardinal Arlindo at the ruins of first Cathedral built in Africa (1556). Presentation of calendar of events: Cardinal Arlindo at the ruins of first Cathedral built in Africa (1556).  

Church in Cabo Verde prepares to celebrate 500 years of evangelization.

Towards the end of this month, Cabo Verde will launch various activities that will eventually culminate in the jubilee celebrations.

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The jubilee’s three-year calendar of activities was presented recently at the ruins of the first Catholic Cathedral by the Bishop of the Diocese of Santiago de Cabo Verde, Cardinal Arlindo Gomes Furtado. The Bishop of Mindelo, São Vicente Island Bishop Ildo Augusto dos Santos Lopes Fortes, participated via zoom.  The start of the calendar of events will be launched at Mass scheduled for the end of the month.

Cardinal Arlindo reminded all present that the 500th jubilee celebrations represent the soul and the history of Cabo Verde regardless of whether one was Catholic or not.

Conferences, documentaries and exhibitions

Towards the end of this month, a Eucharistic celebration to launch the ten years leading to festivals in 2033 will take place at the ruins of the old Cathedral of the Diocese in Cidade Velha, Ribeira Grande de Santiago, presided over by Cardinal Arlindo Gomes Furtado, concelebrated by the Bishop of Mindelo, Ildo Fortes. The prelates will be accompanied by dozens of priests who live and work in Cabo Verde. The country’s Islanders are expected to turn out in numbers for the Eucharistic celebrations.

A cycle of decentralised conferences with the participation of international speakers, photographic exhibitions, a video documentary on the history of the Church in Cabo Verde, the launch of books, and many other activities are planned for the next three years.

A decade of preparations: 2023 - 2033

On 3 January 1533, by the Bull “Pro Excelenti,” Pope Clement VII created the Diocese of Santiago de Cabo Verde with the parish Church of Ribeira Grande on the Island of Santiago.

Little is known about the fourteenth-century evangelization of the islands. However, from 1941 onwards, the Islands went through a missionary revival. The religious orders of the Holy Ghost Fathers, Capuchins, followed by Salesians in succession, all flocked to the Island.

(Additional reporting, Paul Samasumo)

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12 January 2023, 17:38