Bishop Manuel António Mendes dos Santos officiating at Rádio Jubilar Bishop Manuel António Mendes dos Santos officiating at Rádio Jubilar 

Sao Tome and Principe: Radio Jubilar launches a training centre for journalists.

Bishop Manuel António Mendes dos Santos, C.M.F., of the Diocese of São Tomé and Príncipe recently inaugurated the new facilities of Catholic Radio Jubilar which include a training centre for journalists.

Fr. Rafael Bruno Ferreira - Jubilar Radio, São Tomé and Príncipe.

The inauguration was done together with the Director-General of Radio Jubilar Radio, Father Rafael Bruno Ferreira. Also present were religious and civic leaders.

Radio Jubilar is powered by Solar Energy.

The new centre has a Solar Energy unit which comprises 26 solar panels and 24 Gel batteries, which can guarantee 24 hours of continuous broadcasts and power to both the radio and the training centre. The solar kit was funded by Church in Need (ACN) and supplied by BEGECA, while the training centre for journalists was funded by the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI).

The training centre for journalists is strategically located next to Radio Jubilar. The centre is counting on support from the country’s Ministry of Education in its quest of providing professionally recognised courses.

Radio Jubilar: A religious and cultural centre

On the occasion of the inauguration, the government symbolically handed over the broadcast licence of Radio Jubilar, which was first issued to the radio station by the Sao Tome Secretary of State for Communication on 28 September 2021. The licence is valid for 10 years.

Since its inception, Radio Jubilar has sought to be an independent radio station that will now also contribute to the formation of local journalists. Through its lively programming, Radio Jubilar is quickly becoming a social, cultural and religious centre of this island country situated in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Central Africa.

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05 April 2022, 11:17