Nigerians protesting insecurity. Nigerians protesting insecurity. 

Nigeria: The Sultan of Sokoto and Christian leaders decry insecurity in Nigeria.

Muslim and Christian religious leaders in Nigeria have condemned the recent spate of violence in Nigeria. In remarks made at a meeting in the wake of gunmen who attacked a passenger train on the Abuja - Kaduna route, religious leaders denounced the endless cycle of violence.

Delphine Asu – Abuja, Nigeria. 

The concerns of the religious leaders were made at a meeting of religious and political leaders which was held recently in Abuja.

Sultan of Sokoto: We must always denounce violence

Addressing heads of religious institutions, traditional leaders and the press, the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, expressed concerns over the continued bloodshed in the nation.

“The Northern people’s blood is being spilt by these actions of either state or individuals, especially the bandits and terrorists. So, we need to always speak against violence, whether in Sokoto or in Washington or Moscow. As religious leaders, if we don’t do so, we will face questions from our creator. We must always speak the truth,” said the Sultan of Sokoto.

CAN: No one in Nigeria is safe

President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Reverend Samson Ayokunle, appreciated the efforts of security agents but lamented the prevailing insecurity under which Nigerians are living.

“We religious leaders that hate bloodshed need to cry out against what is happening. While I thank the security agencies for what they are doing, I need to also show my heartbreak and disappointment about the level of insecurity in our country. I don’t want us to play politics with it or mince words. None of us is safe. If they (bandits who attacked the Kaduna-bound train) have tried it in Kaduna, they can try it anywhere in Nigeria. We as leaders cannot just sit here and think that all is well. All is not well,” emphasised Reverend Ayokunle.

And speaking at the same event, Islamic scholar, Prof. Afis Oladosu, outlined factors that influence peacebuilding. His focus was mostly on an improved economy that benefits everyone in Nigeria. 

In brazen attacks, gunmen in Nigeria launched an assault on the Kaduna Airport, killing an official. Then on 28 March, bandits using explosives blew up a rail track before killing eight passengers. The whereabouts of 168 train passengers are still unknown.

06 April 2022, 17:42