Bishop António Juliasse F. Sandramo, Apostolic Administrator of Pemba (Mozambique. Bishop António Juliasse F. Sandramo, Apostolic Administrator of Pemba (Mozambique. 

Mozambique: Bishop says Synodal journey is a moment of privilege for every Christian.

Mozambique’s Apostolic Administrator for the Diocese of Pemba says that the synodal journey embarked upon by the Church is an essential milestone in the life of every Christian.

Rogério Maduca - Radio Pax Beira, Mozambique and Vatican News English Africa Service. 

Pemba Dioese’s Apostolic Administrator, Bishop António Juliasse Ferreira Sandramo, who is also the Auxiliary Bishop of Maputo, was speaking in an interview with Radio Pax of Beira.

The insurgency has disrupted some pastoral activities

Bishop Juliasse spoke about the synodal consultation process in the Diocese Pemba as ongoing, notwithstanding the violence under which the people live.

The Province of Cabo Delgado has been living under a violent situation since 2017 due to a Jihadist insurgency that has limited and disrupted some pastoral activities.

Many people have fled their homes due to the fighting and live as refugees or Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Services such as health and education are not functional due to the destruction, damage and absence of personnel. Nevertheless, where possible, implementation of the synodal journey is progressing in earnest, Bishop Juliasse said.

Synodal journey will improve quality of people’s faith

For the Apostolic Administrator of Pemba, the convocation of the Synod of Bishops and the inclusion of every Catholic Christian in the process is a privilege. He says it is an opportunity bound to improve the quality of faith among the faithful.

Bishop Juliasse appealed for the intensification of prayer in this Advent period so that the people of Pemba Diocese would keep their hopes alive for better and peaceful days ahead.

20 December 2021, 16:24