(on the right) Bishop of Chimoio Diocese, João Carlos Hatoa Nunes. (on the right) Bishop of Chimoio Diocese, João Carlos Hatoa Nunes. 

Mozambique: The rise in the cost of living, a concern for the Church.

While acknowledging the reduction of attacks on the general population by insurgents as a positive aspect, the country’s Catholic Bishops say that the cost of living in Mozambique is way above what most people can afford.

Herminio José - Maputo, Mozambique.

Bishop of Chimoio Diocese and Spokesperson of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique (CEM), João Carlos Hatoa Nunes, spoke at a press conference that he convened over the weekend.  Sharing views of the country’s Bishops with the local media, Bishop João Carlos complimented the Government of Mozambique for generally containing armed attacks on civilians. He commended all those involved in protecting citizens, including Rwandan and SADCC armies.

Displaced persons and the high cost of living

The Bishop of Chimoio Diocese, however, drew attention to challenges that still need resolution. These include the humanitarian problem of displaced persons in Cabo Delgado Province, the country-wide increase in criminality, and the rise in the cost of living. He said many Mozambican families are struggling to make ends meet.

Show solidarity with those most in need

Bishop João Carlos has urged Mozambicans to demonstrate solidarity, especially with those hit the hardest by the country’s economy. He said the Bishops’ appeal goes to the Catholic faithful and all people of goodwill.

The press conference was held on the sidelines of the plenary session of the Episcopal Conference of Mozambique meeting in Maputo from 8 to 14 November.

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14 November 2021, 15:55