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School going children in Africa face many challenges. School going children in Africa face many challenges. 

Togo: World Council of Churches programme empowering children against violence.

An educational programme for children against all forms of gender-based violence has been launched thanks to the World Council of Churches (WCC).

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The educational programme published by the World Council of Churches and adopted in Togo to help children aged 7 to 12 when confronted by all forms of violence is entitled "Because God loves me: affirming my worth in Christ."

According to the WCC website, the programme is written in French. It was edited by Yvette A. Kelem and Blandine E. Ackla and was designed primarily for use by churches and church groups in Africa. "It is time to send a message of inclusion to all children and to be ready to show them love," said Kelem.

Advocates for non-violence from an early age

One of the programme's goals, Ackla added, is to help deconstruct norms and inspire safe and positive attitudes to help children make wise and informed choices. The programme, which is presented to educators and church representatives through online and face-to-face workshops, is a Christian education proposal that encourages children, teens and youth to fully engage in becoming advocates for non-violence from an early age.

Children can serve God and transform the world

Younger children are taught in 15 lessons.

"Every child has a potential and a talent that we need to discover because they can serve God and transform the world," said Ayoko Bahun-Wilson, regional coordinator of WCC's ecumenical HIV and AIDS initiatives in West Africa.

Covid-19: An increase in cases of sexual and gender-based violence

With the Covid-19 pandemic, sexual and gender-based violence has increased worldwide. From March to August 2020, Kenya recorded at least 5,000 pregnancies among girls and adolescents. At least 2,200 cases of violence against women and girls were reported in Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Chad and Togo.

11 September 2021, 12:19