Young people in Mauritius Young people in Mauritius 

A Vocations festival in Mauritius

The Diocese of Port-Louis, in Mauritius, is celebrating the 39th Festival of Vocations.

Vatican News

Parishes while observing Covid-19 protocols put in place by the authorities hope to encourage priestly vocations and to raise funds to finance the studies of seminarians and young people in formation. There are currently 11 Mauritian seminarians abroad.

Fundraising for those in formation

The fundraising campaign to support future priests this year focuses on digital media. It also offers the faithful in the country opportunity to make donations online. An evening weekend concert to be broadcast on Facebook was also planned.

Father Laurent Rivet of the Diocese of Port-Louis’ Vocations and Youth Ministry with his group Zezi United were scheduled to animate the evening events. Holy Mass to be celebrated by Cardinal Maurice Piat, the Bishop of Port Louis, was also planned. The Eucharist would be broadcast on MBC TV and simultaneously on social networks.

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25 September 2021, 19:17