Cardinal Maurice E. Piat of Mauritius Cardinal Maurice E. Piat of Mauritius 

Mauritius: Another Easter under Lockdown

For the second year in a row, the Catholic faithful in Mauritius have celebrated Easter without communal religious celebrations.

Vatican News Service

As of 1 April, government authorities, in Mauritius, ordered the closure of all places of worship to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

At the request of the Diocese of Port-Louis, MBC TV carried live television broadcasts of Holy Week liturgies celebrated by Cardinal Piat, in the Saint-Louis Cathedral.

Private spiritual accompaniment possible by appointment

However, the Diocese of Port-Louis has made arrangements for the sick to receive communion and anointing of the sick. The faithful also can ask to meet a priest for confession or spiritual accompaniment, always in compliance with health regulations. Cardinal Piat emphasised that apart from the prudence of observing government health guidelines, the church should also be at the forefront of exhibiting good example.

Cinemas, casinos and wedding halls closed

Until further notice, religious marriages cannot be celebrated either.

The Government of Mauritius extended the lockdown period till 30 April, despite re-opening some economic activities.

The Indian Ocean island of 1.4 million people first went into a two-week lockdown on 10 March, which was then further extended on 25 March.

Places still closed include cinemas, leisure parks, gaming houses, casinos, sports complexes, and wedding halls.

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06 April 2021, 10:29