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Nigerian Bishops in procession (file) Nigerian Bishops in procession (file) 

Archbishop Dal Toso closes Missionary Congress of Nigeria

It is not enough to organise a Congress on the theme of Evangelisation if this does not have an impact on the lives of all those who participate, Adjunct Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, Archbishop Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso said in Nigeria.

Agenzia Fides– Benin City, Nigeria

All Christians are called to evangelise through words and by their lives. This was the message of the Adjunct Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples who is also President of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS), Archbishop Giovanni Pietro Dal Toso.

Nigeria closes Extraordinary Missionary month with a Congress

Archbishop Dal Toso was speaking during the final celebration of the National Missionary Congress of Nigeria, held in Benin City, Nigeria from 22 to 26 October.

The Archbishop reiterated in his homily that “the centre of evangelisation is Christ, the authentic Christ, able to attract even those who are far away from him. Christ gave his life so that we may have life,” he said.

Announcement of the faith, history, conversion and God’s mercy

Archbishop Dal Toso continued: “Every pastoral activity, even this Congress, should help us fix our gaze on Jesus Christ, to obtain true life.” Therefore, inspired by the liturgy of the day, the Archbishop focused on four fundamental points of the mission: the announcement of the faith, history, conversion and God’s mercy.

Reflection and discernment are key

Commenting on the Gospel of the day, Archbishop Dal Toso urged all believers to let themselves to reflect on what happens in their lives and to take an interest in the lives of their neighbours.

“In this way, even the daily changes of life become a way in which God speaks to us,” he said. “As a Church, we are called to discern the voice of our Lord and to read history not only with human eyes but always in light of the Word of God. Only in doing so can we discover where the Lord wants to guide us, as a Church, as society and even as individual believers,” the Archbishop challenged the faithful of Africa.

Help others experience conversion and the mercy of God

Recalling the theme of the Extraordinary Missionary Month, October 2019, “Baptised and sent” the Archbishop urged all those baptised to be missionaries.

“We are baptised and sent as individuals to be missionaries in the world, to be witnesses and to preach the word of salvation,” Archbishop Dal Toso said adding that Christians should help others experience conversion and the mercy of God.

28 October 2019, 13:42