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The recently reconstructed Church of St António de Cavungo in Moxico, Angola The recently reconstructed Church of St António de Cavungo in Moxico, Angola 

Help rebuild Churches destroyed during the Angolan war

The Archbishop of Malanje in Angola, Benedito Roberto, has expressed hope that the Angolan Government will help in the reconstruction of Church Missions and training centres destroyed during the Angolan civil war that lasted for 27 years.

Anastácio Sasembele - Luanda, Angola

Rebuild Missions and major training centres of the past

Archbishop Benedito Roberto, C.S.Sp. says that since the peace and reconciliation efforts have endured in the country, it was time now to focus on the reconstruction of infrastructures such as Mission Churches and centres that in the past were places of learning and imparting various trade skills.

Angolan President visits Malanje Province

Archbishop Roberto made the remarks when he met Angola’s Republican President João Lourenço, in the city of Malanje. The Archbishop also expressed concern over the lack of job opportunities for young Angolans.  The Angolan President was recently on a two-day visit to the northern Malanje province.

Angola’s civil war devastated lives, displaced thousands and damaged infrastructure

The armed conflict in Angola began in 1975 and continued for 27 years until 2002.

The war started immediately after Angola’s independence from Portugal in November 1975. During the decades-long conflict, hundreds of thousands were killed, while millions of persons were displaced. The country’s development, economy and infrastructure were destroyed.

Initially, the war began as another proxy war between the then Soviet and Cuban-supported MPLA government of Angola who had just taken power from the Portuguese. On the other hand, the United States backed UNITA rebels were also fighting for the control of Angola. The war only ended upon the death of Joseph Savimbi, the leader of UNITA.

Churches were not spared destruction during the war.

28 May 2019, 12:49