Vatican Hackathon – harnessing youth, technology to serve common good.

The first-ever Vatican Hackathon or VHacks is taking centre-stage in the Vatican, 8-11 March, approved by Pope Francis.

By Emanuela Campanile

120 students from 30 countries are currently gathered in the Vatican from 8 to 11 March to put their skills in business, design, engineering and technology to address issues of social inclusion, interfaith dialogue and the challenges facing migrants and refugees.  

The first of its kind, the initiative titled Vatican Hackathon or VHacks, is coined from two words: “hack” and “marathon”.  However Vatican Hackathon is isn’t at all about “hacking” or breaching online security systems, but putting technology at the service of the common good, an issue very dear to the heart to Pope Francis.

10 March 2018, 11:42