This aerial view shows a flooded Greek village, near the city of Karditsa This aerial view shows a flooded Greek village, near the city of Karditsa  (AFP or licensors)

Many dead as flash flooding hits Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria

Terrible weather conditions, including heavy rainfall continue to cause devastation across countries, with houses being swept away and people going missing.

By Nathan Morley

Greece continues to be ravaged by heavy storms and widespread floods.

Over the last week, much of the Mediterranean has been experiencing periods of heavy rainfall.

In Greece – where floods left people trapped on the roofs of their homes and villages under water – a series of horrifying stories have emerged.

One of them, as reported on Greek television, gives details of an Austrian couple on honeymoon that went missing after torrential rains swept away the villa they were renting.

The property in the resort of Potistika was washed into the sea by flash floods.

Reports suggest the newlyweds, from Graz, had married shortly after arriving in Greece.

The storm, dubbed Daniel by the Greek weather service, has been battering the region all week and has mainly affected the central Magnesia region and Volos, north of Athens.

The torrential downpours follow weeks of wildfires in Greece.

More than thirteen people are now known to have died since the weather front hit Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria, where the Black Sea coast has seen heavy rains caused rivers to overflow, cutting off roads in the region.

Fierce thunderstorms, torrential rainfall and flash flooding also wreaked havoc across parts of Turkey.

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07 September 2023, 16:59