Believers across the globe have joined in prayer for peace in Ukraine Believers across the globe have joined in prayer for peace in Ukraine 

Prayers across the boundaries for Ukraine

The undaunted faith of religions in Mexico is combining and uniting in a special prayer for peace for ravaged Ukraine.

By James Blears

An unprecedented religious alliance has been forged in Mexico with the purpose of capturing hearts and minds to halt the torrent of bloodshed in Ukraine, through the power of prayer. 

Bishop George Said Abi Younes of the Maronite Catholic Community, says the pain and suffering of Ukraine, extends outwards to the entire world, urging work for the balm of peace.

Father Yusef Sharbak of the Orthodox Faith, warns the battle of today belongs to the devil and is a grave mistake for humanity, but the possibility of peace is not absent from the scene.

Rabbi Elisheva Irma Diaz says a miracle must be sought to move the hearts of Government Leaders even in the darkest hour in the darkest recess.

Jesus Guadalupe Fuentes Blanco, President of the Advisory Council for Indigenous Communities, calls for divine light in a struggle that shows great resilience.

Hector Sulaiman who`s a member of Pope Francis' Scholas Occurrents says the golden thread uniting religions,  is the shared belief in one God for all, with the strength of peace coming from within. 

In the winter of war, they say, "Ukraine is in our hearts." 

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03 March 2022, 15:50