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Bogota residents protest police brutality Bogota residents protest police brutality  (AFP or licensors)

Colombian protesters express rage over police violence

A residue of concentrated violence has been sweeping the Capitol of Colombia, following the death on Wednesday of an arrested man, while in Police custody, and it`s already caused thirteen deaths.

By James Blears

 Widespread rioting throughout Colombia`s Capitol Bogota, as a furious and violent reaction erupted,  and still continues to fester about the awful the death of Javier Ordonez. 

The Ministry of Defense confirms thirteen dead, 209 people injured and 194 Police Officers also injured, so far.  Sixty Police precincts have been attacked and damaged, buses have been vandalized and set ablaze and yet more damage to buildings as well as property. 

Defense Minister Carlos Trujillo has apologized saying: "The National Police ask for your forgiveness." Seven Police Officers have been suspended, following this sorry episode.  A film showed the arrested man being pinned down, repeatedly tasered and begging them to stop.  He arrived unresponsive, apparently lifeless and most likely dead at the hospital.

The ferocity of the response to all of this shows that anger about Police tactics extends far past the shores and borders of the United States, with the thorny issue of just how much reasonable force the Police should be using.  In this case, an investigation is underway, to access if criminal proceedings will follow.  More than likely they will. 

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12 September 2020, 15:32